Jan 1, 2011

Wow!! I can't believe Winter break is almost over!! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

This week we will be getting our division tests back and begin understanding and learning about fractions.

Friday-Maturation Program (I sent a paper home today with information)
Parent Workshop 12:00-1:00
Boys 1:00-2:00
Girls 1:00-2:30
Please remember to sign the consent form and return to school.

Science-Start thinking about your Science experiment. Remember you can choose a Physical or Chemical Reaction to demonstrate.

Physical Reaction-No new substance is formed. Example-ripping paper, freezing water, breaking pencil, etc.
Chemical Reaction-A New substance is formed. New solid, liquid, or gas. Change in energy (temperature), or unexpected color change. Example-baking soda and vinegar to make gas, rusting chain, baking food (changes from a solid to a liquid and temperature change).
more info: http://schools.bcsd.com/fremont/5th_sci_matter_physical_changes.htm

The internet is a great resource for ideas:

See you all Monday ready to learn!!


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