Class Procedures

Homework will be given and will be expected to be completed.  Most of the homework will be to finish the work that has not been completed in school.  Other assignments may be given strictly as work to do at home.  Students may also receive homework in their rotation classes.  Parents, YOU are a big key to making homework a positive experience for your child.  Please make sure homework is a top priority; provide a quiet homework environment, set a daily homework time and provide praise and support.
Each day your child will bring home a homework binder.  If your child has checked the assignment, it is complete and has been turned in (we hope).   If it is circled it was not completed in class. Please discuss the day’s events with your child and then have them sign the planner. 
Please REMEMBER to check it, and encourage your student to complete. 

Late Work:
Every Friday I will send home a parent note showing you your child’s missing assignments for the week.  I would like them to complete and turn in the assignments by Tuesday of the following week. 
If the note is not signed by a parent, it usually means they don’t want to show you the missing assignments.  The fifth grade policy is:  If a parent note is not brought back by Wednesday, the student has chosen to miss his/her recess for the rest of the week.
*NOTE- If your child has a note with no missing assignments- they do not need to return it.
QHonor days (special activities) will be held every six weeks for those students who have zero missing assignments. 

I have a monetary system in my class.  Each student has the opportunity to earn “class money” individually.  They are “paid” daily for:  being on time, study logs (signed by a parent), returning parent notes and positive behaviors.  They may save their money and spend it at the class store (This helps them to learn how to budget their money!)

Reading Hall of Fame:
Individual reading is crucial to success!  In the 5th grade we expect all 5th grade students to read at least 30 minutes per school day.
 Your support at home is necessary for your child to be a successful reader.  Encourage your child to choose good literature and make sure he/she is reading every night.  On some occasions have your child read out loud to you.  Please be an active listener as your child reads to you and discuss the books with them that they are reading. If your child is to become a fluent reader he/she must practice good reading daily.
   Your child will document his/her books in a book log and b
     When books are completed, your child will give you a book report paper (summary, oral, or illustration), for you to sign  certifying he/she read the book.  Reading is always part of homework!  Those students who meet their reading goal will be rewarded with a Reading Celebration at the end of the year!

Your child will be learning 15-20 spelling/vocabulary words every 6-7 days.   Instead of just getting word lists and memorizing them, we will be learning different words and doing several activities throughout the week.  Your child will learn how to understand the meaning of words by looking at their context clues, get different exposures to words, and be active participants in word learning. Therefore, our spelling/vocabulary tests will be every 6-7 days.  Please review the lists with your child and try to use them with your child in every day talk.

       Each day your child will participate in a wide variety of mathematics activities.  Your child will learn through hands-on experiences, discussion, and exploration.  The new learning will be reinforced through carefully considered practice.
         It will be a goal for your child to master the four basic math facts.  This will be done through regular timings in the classroom.  To pass off their facts, students are required to achieve 95% or higher five times on a five minute one hundred problem test. Your child will be encouraged to progress independently at his/her own rate.  Please monitor your child’s progress and help them practice when necessary.
Please encourage them to study!
         Your child will may a short math assignment each night Monday-Thursday to review material from the day.

Mystery Writers:
       On most Fridays from 12:40-1:00, we would love to have friends and family come in as a mystery reader.  Please see note.

       Your child is welcome to bring a water bottle to school.  Also, we will have a snack each day sometime in the morning.  Each child will be responsible for bringing a healthy snack for the class.  You may bring the snack in anytime during the month.  If this proves to be a hardship for you, please let me know.

Rotation Classes: 
To prepare your student for middle school we have rotation classes in the afternoons four days/week.  This allows students to experience switching classes and benefit from other 5th grade teacher’s expertise.  Letter grades will be given in my class.

                                                               Thank you for your support,
Jan Farmer
***The following  would be helpful for your student (although they are certainly optional):
              F-  5.00 Time for Kids MagaziF- Homework Binder (If they do not want the white one)
SCHOOL RULES:   Be Safe!   Be Responsible!   Be Respectful!   Be Successful!


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