Sep 21, 2013

Sept. 23-27

This week:

We will begin Habit #2- Begin With The End in Mind
· Plan ahead and set goals
· Do things that have meaning and make a difference
· Be an important part of the classroom and contribute to the schools mission and   vision
· Look for ways to be a good citizen

Monday:  Math test on Place Value  & Science test on Magnetism
                Begin reading groups.

On Friday we went to Greg Tang's Math Site.  We went to games and played funny numbers.  We also played Kakooma.  These games are very good to help with number sense.  If you can play these games at home they are not only fun-but they will also increase your number sense.

Try the multiplication Kakooma
I love Kakooma!!

Other games-funny numbers etc.

Remember to turn in your reading pages so you get credit for September!!

Honor Day

Last week we celebrated our first Honor Day!!  Students who had zero missing assignments for the last four weeks were able to participate in relay races and a snack!

the last hour of the day!!

Sep 15, 2013

Sept. 16-20th

We have been learning about Habit #1 Being Proactive.  We have learned about Reactive and Proactive Language.  When we use can't, we are using reactive language.  Last Friday we buried can't and we will use language such as:  "I Can, I will try,  or I choose to."  

We just finished our reading testing (SRI & Dibels). We will start reading groups this week.  Please continue reading 30 minutes every night!!

Character Focus:  7 Habits -Begin With The End in Mind
Math:  Place Value, Number Lines, Number Sense, & Math Facts Science:  Magnets -review for test Word Work:  Verbs-Test on Weds. the 25th!! Writing:  Important Thing About Me


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