Dec 13, 2015

December 14-19

Mon-           Math Unit-3 Decimal Test
Begin Circuit Christmas Decorations
Finish Compare & Contrast Essay
Finish Katie's Trunk Reader's Response  
Tuesday-       Scientist Assembly- Matter Presentation 2:10

      8:30-9:00 Holiday Singing
      9:00-9:30 Quilting Together Traditions
      9:30 - 11:55     Colonial Reading
1:00 -2:00        Writing Traditions
                     Math Quilt Blocks

    8:30-9:00         Holiday Singing
    9:00-12:00        Colonial Cooking
   12:35-1:00         Music
     1:00-2:00       Declaration Reenactment
     2:00-3:20 Revolutionary Revelry

9:15-10:45 Movie "Inside Out" Bring Canned Food Item.

This week:

Last week our class had the opportunity to visit the elderly at Terrace Grove.  It was a remarkable experience for our class. They shared their talents, sang Christmas carols, and gave them a homemade gift!!

Dec 11, 2015


Are you read to start Coding?

Here is a link to your passwords

Dec 8, 2015

Terrace Grove

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow we will be leaving for Terrace Grove at 10:00 a.m.  We will get there at 10:30.  You are more than welcome to come watch our class share their talents.

Mrs. Farmer

Dec 6, 2015


Please remember to sign-up for our Colonial Days.  You can either specify to be in charge of a station or help. Mrs. Reina stressed to us last Thursday that she needs more parents to help make this event successful.  Thanks to those of you who have signed up already...

December 7-11

Math-Decimals (rounding to estimate, sequence decimals)
Reading-Katie's Trunk (Rev. War)
Writing-Informational Text & begin opinion
Social Studies-Revolutionary War

MONDAY-      We will decorate 1 quart Christmas Jars for Terrace Grove. 
                          If you have a talent to present at Terrace Grove we would love you to share                                       tomorrow (Monday).  We will choose 4-5 talents from each class.
WEDNESDAY- Terrace Grove Caroling  10:00
THURSDAY-    Engineering-Complete Circuit Christmas Activity
FRIDAY-          Ms. Sosa's last day.  She has been amazing!!

Nov 24, 2015

Students & Parents,

I have attached the Math Prodigy passwords.  Remember to login go to Prodigy games.

Prodigy Games Site

Students.... remember if you are in a Book Club try to read 25 pages a night and write a response to your classmates on Whooo's Reading!
If you forgot your password go to this site:  whooo's reading password

Have A Wonderful Thanksgiving Break!

Mrs. Farmer

Nov 15, 2015

Teton Reflections Night Tomorrow


Monday- Please come to our Teton Reflections Night Tomorrow
Monday (Nov. 16th) - 6:00 p.m.  
Families are invited!  
Students will be sharing their team research projects. Students have created games, journals, narrative books, poetry, and art.  This is going to be an enjoyable night as you watch your child share his/her experiences at Teton Science School.PLEASE COME SUPPORT YOUR CHILD!!
We will also be sharing a special slide show of the trip. (Thanks Mrs. Barnett)
Refreshments will be served.

This Week:
Math-Division & problem solving-Test/Begin Unit -3 Decimals
Word Work-Adjectives
Language Arts-Opinion Writing
Social Studies-Revolutionary War 

Nov 8, 2015

Thank you  Aurora Villa for bringing Richard Jenkins, a published cartoonist, writer, and illustrator, to our 5th grade classroom!
 We loved learning how to draw cartoon characters.

Next Monday- Please come to our Teton Reflections
Monday (Nov. 16th) - 6:30-7:30 p.m.  Families are invited!  Students will be sharing their team research projects.  Students have created games, journals, narrative books, and art.  


Book orders are due Wednesday.  If you want to order on-line go to:
Shop Online:
One-Time Class Activation Code: GYPGG
This Week: 
Math-Division & problem solving
Language Arts-Teton Narrative Writing-Due onThursday
Social Studies-Revolutionary War

Nov 1, 2015

Pictures are on our class Google Site.

This week we will be learning:

  • How to interpret remainders
  • Divisibility Rules
  • Dividing by 2 digit numbers.
  • Continue working on division math facts & story problems.  
  • Review The Earth's Landforms (Test Friday)
  • Projects are due on Friday-Landforms test is also on Friday.
Social Studies
  • Revolutionary War-Mrs. Stewart will be teaching this unit
Language Arts
  • Spelling-Unit 3 
  • Writing--Narratives-We will finishing our memorable experience narratives.  Please ask your child to share their narrative with you and please help them edit.  We will begin our Teton Science Narratives.
    • Mini-Lessons- Figurative Language, Transition Words
  • Reading-Fish in a Tree 
    • Reading Strategy-Conflicts & Contradictions

Oct 15, 2015

Dear Parents & Students,

     Teton Science is quickly approaching.  I am excited and anxious to spend four days with your child and the staff  at TSS.  For those students who are nervous, I have been trying to eat lunch with them each day so I can address any question or concerns they have.  We have also been preparing for TSS by learning about its geological features, history, vocabulary, reading last years narratives as well as journals.  

Please review this Important Information:
  •  All Teton Information-- Google Link
  • Please make sure money for souvenirs is in a sealed envelope with your child's name on it.  I usually gather these as they get on the bus and I will give them to your child on Saturday.
  • As you pack keep an eye on the weather and have your child pack accordingly. 
  • We will leave Edith Bowen at 7:20-7:30 a.m.  (Bus Itinerary-link) Wednesday morning.  Two USU buses will be taking us up and back.  They will be in the North Parking Lot by the CPD building at 7:00 a.m.  I have asked the students try to be there between 7:00-7:15 so we can leave by 7:30.
  • Please have your child pack a small backpack for the items they will need on the bus.  Sack Lunch, water, book to read, journal, and any snacks.
  • I will download all the pictures taken during the day on our Google Picture Site.  I try to do this every evening to keep you updated.  Link to Google Pictures. (Please check this site and let me know if it is not working for you).
  • Some of you cannot open links that are in One Call Now?  If you copy the link and paste it in your internet address bar it should open.
  • Please sign up for REMIND so I can send a group text.  I'm not exactly sure when we will be returning back to Edith Bowen on Saturday?  I will send out a text letting you know when we are in Preston.  This way if we return a little early your child will not be waiting in the parking lot.  Thirteen of you have signed up so far    To sign up see below or Go to New Message on your text messages-Where you see    To:  Enter 81010  Text Message  @aaac52

We are so fortunate to have this opportunity!  It is truly the greatest experience I have had in my 18 years of teaching.  There will be six chaperones from Edith Bowen.  We are all there to keep your child safe, happy, and have an incredible learning experience from the TSS staff.  Please remind your child to follow the rules and be respectful.  
If you need to contact your child or me -my phone number is:  435-770-5853, Mr. Farmer 435-770-3971, Mr. Newell 801-520-3607,  Eric Gierloff, Taryl Barnett, and Anne Nielson will also be chaperones.  Dr. Johnson will be coming up on Tuesday and leaving on Thursday.

Thanks for your support-I know it is very difficult and worrisome to let a child leave for four days.

Mrs. Farmer

Oct 12, 2015

Week of October 12-14th


Pictures are on the Google Site.  If you look on the right side it says Class Photos 2016 (or click this link)  This is where I will be putting all the Teton Science Photos.
...Teton Science School Oct. 21-24th
...Also, Please sign up for Remind-This way I can send out group texts if needed at Teton Science School.  I will also send you a text letting you know what time we will be arriving at the school.

Remember forms are DUE!  Please get money into Gaylene or make arrangements with Dr. Johnson or Mrs. Moeller.

This week we will be learning:

  • Division
  • Continue working on division math facts.
  • We will begin learning science vocabulary words for Teton.  These words will be our vocabulary and spelling words for the next few weeks.
  •  Explore mountains and glaciers
Language Arts
  • Spelling-Teton Words 
  • Writing-Narratives
  • Reading-Fish in a Tree 
We will also be going over to the education building on Tuesdays to do CAD.  Students may do this at home using Frame.  They will also be able to use UDEMY to do lessons at their own pace. They are also encouraged to do these at home.  Udemy information is on the Google Site Side bar.

Thanks for your support,
Mrs. Farmer

Oct 3, 2015

October 5-9 Schedule

October 5-9th
Wow!  I can't believe how fast September has gone by...Teton Science School Oct. 21-24th
I will keep you updated on the itinerary in the next week.  Remember to get forms into me and money into Gaylene.

This week we will be learning:

  • How to use multiplication and the distributive property to find the quotient.  Example:  54÷3=(3 x 10) + (3 x 8)  This site talks about the progression of arrays, multiplication, and division
  • Order of Operations (Continue to teach & review)
  • Math Unit 1 test on  Friday
  • Continue working on division math facts.  We will begin division next week.
  • We will begin learning science vocabulary words for Teton.  These words will be our vocabulary and spelling words for the next few weeks.
  • Finish up volcanoes and explore mountains and glaciers
Language Arts
  • Spelling-Unit 2 test will be Thursday-Words are on Spelling City
  • Writing-Turn in animal reports-share  
    • Narratives-learning about narratives & planning
  • Reading-Fish in a Tree 
We will also be going over to the education building on Tuesdays to do CAD.  Students may do this at home using Frame.  They will also be able to use UDEMY to do lessons at their own pace.  I will give you more information on how to use UDEMY after Tuesday.

Thanks for your support,
Mrs. Farmer

Jul 18, 2015

I just read Fish in a Tree.  Our class will be involved in this book during our class read aloud.

The title based on this quote from Albert Einstein:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Einstein, who was kicked out of school, was told he wouldn't amount to anything because he learned differently.  Fish in a Tree's protagonist, Ally learns differently, too.  School has been a struggle for her, she gets made fun of by other students who call her "slow," and she thinks she's stupid.  When her teacher takes time off to have a baby, Mr. Daniels steps in to sub, and the brilliant story takes off from there.

Students, you will connect with Ally, especially if school has been a struggle for you, especially if you think reading is not your thing, especially if you might be afraid to write.  I connected with Mr. Daniels.  I strive to see the genius in everyone, and truly believe that everyone can learn and succeed, but that they take different roads to get there.  For me, this book was as much about teaching as it was a fantastically written, relatable story.  I absolutely loved it.  

I hope you love Fish in a Tree as much as I did.  

Jan 24, 2015

January 26-30th

Dear Parents,

I need your help!!!

Your child has been writing narrative, opinion, and informative essays this past school year.  We are now preparing for the Sage Writing Test on February 18th. Your child will be required to plan and write an argument/opinion and informative/explanatory essay in 90 minutes.

We are currently working on opinion essays.  We finished our "Clutter Essay" and we will be finishing our "Why too Much Sugar is Bad," essay this week.  I have asked each child to share their Clutter  Essay with you.  I have seen a very broad spectrum of writing this year, and it is always helpful to have parents listen and give feedback.  Some students are not getting their essays finished in class; therefore, I have asked them to finish them at home.  Students can also practice writing other essays on this site.  There are also grammar lessons to help them improve in areas where they scored low.

Your child will log on to Utah Compose to share their essay with you.
Username:  000______________  (they should know this number.  If not e-mail me and I will send it)
Password:  ebls5

This week:
Math-Review and unit assessment multiplication of decimals.  Begin dividing decimals.
Writing-Finish opinion essays and begin compare & contrast
Soc. Studies-Revolutionary War
Music-Speaker coming on Wednesday at 10:00.
Spelling/Vocabulary-Adjectives test on Friday

Thank you for your support,
Mrs. Farmer

Jan 14, 2015

January 12-16th

This week:

Math-We are starting a new computer program called:


To log on go to:
Username:  Students first and last name
Passwork:   irrpwvo

We are working hard on persuasive writing.  We are just finishing our clutter essays and will start a new essay Thursday or Friday.
ScienceWe will finish the matter unit and begin learning about magnets & electricity on Tuesday.
Spelling & Vocabulary- Test Friday Geography Bee- Congratulations Ankit (1st place),  Brendon (2nd place)


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