Dec 25, 2014


Before Christmas Break our class had the opportunity to visit the elderly at Terrace Grove.  It was a remarkable experience for our class. They shared their talents, sang Christmas carols, and gave them a homemade gift!!

Dec 23, 2014

Dear Parents,
Are you looking for an activity that will allow your child to continue learning and have fun over the winter break? Then check out Greg Tang’s Winter Break Math Challenge! (
During the break, students can go to to complete the activities on the attached game board.
This is an optional activity. Students who can’t participate will not be penalized in any way. Students who complete the challenge can earn a certificate and a chance to win a personalized signed copy of one of Greg Tang’s books.
It is fine for students to get help from you or someone else if they need it. They can also move to harder or easier levels of the games to make them more or less challenging.
After your child completes the activity, just sign their sheet and send it back to school with them after the break.
Navigating the Website:
Here are the steps to follow to get to the activities for this game board. The links to get into the games, books, and Kakooma are found at the top of the webpage. Links within specific games to get to the correct skill level are found along the left hand side of the screen.
1. Read Math Potatoes (Books/Math Potatoes)
2. Kakooma + Live (Kakooma/Play)
3. SatisFraction Compare (Games/SatisFraction/Compare/All)
4. Expresso +-x÷ 4-numbers (Games/Expresso/+-x÷ 4-numbers)
5. Numskill 5-sets Hard (Games/Numskill/5-sets/Hard)
6. Read Math-terpieces (Books/Math-terpieces)
7. SatisFraction Calculate Easy (Games/SatisFraction/Calculate/Easy)
8. Kakooma x Legacy 9-numbers Easy (Kakooma/Legacy/Kx/9-numbers/Easy)


username:  janfarmer
select-  Class  then-  Student
password:  Lunch #

Dec 14, 2014

December 15-19

Happy Holidays!!!

Monday:  Sage Testing 9:40
                 Talent Show Tryouts-Terrace Grove
Tuesday:  Terrace Grove 10:00-11:00
Wednesday:   Open mic day (Music)
Thursday:  Caroling 8:30-9:00  
                 Orchestra Concert 10:00-11:00
       Canned Food Donation & Movie 9:15-11:00
       Class Party  11:00-12:00


This Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. we have an opportunity to do a service project for the elderly.   We will take a bus to Terrace Grove where students will be sharing their musical talents, caroling, and handing out gifts.  
Every student has made a foldable container with four sections.  We will be filling each section with a treat. 
Five students will also share a musical talent.  When I asked for volunteers, I had more than 10 students raise their hand!  Because of your child's amazing talents, we will be having a talent show on Monday at 11:00 in the music room.  We will choose the five students to share based on how prepared they are to perform their talent.  If they are not chosen, Mrs. Devilbiss will be having “open mic day” in music on Wednesday. It’s an opportunity for the students to share their musical talents and practice their audience skills. 
Please e-mail me if you have any comments or concerns,


Mrs. Farmer

Nov 30, 2014


I hope you all had a Wonderful Thanksgiving Break!!

December 1-5

Leader in Me Focus:  Think Win-Win

This week we will learn about the 4th habit: Think Win-Win
Come up with a plan to make everyone happy. We don't have to get upset and angry when things don't go our way; we can brainstorm a plan that will benefit everyone. We also want to make sure we don't let people take advantage of us. Have a discussion with your child on how they can apply this at home. 

Math- Continue Division Unit with larger divisors and dividends
Science-Matter (Physical & Chemical Changes Experiments)
Writing-Science writing integration & begin opinion essays 
Social Studies-Colonization
Spelling Words-dis, di, dif Roots (We have been practicing these words and will test on Wednesday).

Harry Potter Day...Thank you Mr. Larsen!

Nov 16, 2014

Nov. 17-21

This Week:

Monday- Please come to our Teton Reflections Monday (Nov. 17th) - 6:00 p.m.  Families are invited!  Students will be sharing their team research projects.  Students have created games, journals, narrative books, and art.  PLEASE COME SUPPORT YOUR CHILD!!

Book order are due Tuesday.  If you want to order on-line go to:
Shop Online:
One-Time Class Activation Code: GYPGG
Math-Division & problem solving
Language Arts-Opinion Writing
Social Studies-Colonization (Jamestown)

Nov 10, 2014

Nov. 10-14

The students are getting ready to share their Teton Reflections Night with you.   It will be next Monday the 17th of November.   I am asking each student to bring their narratives home for a final read and edit by you.  We are also preparing other activities, pictures, and refreshments to share!!  This is going to be an enjoyable night as you watch your child share his/her experiences at Teton Science School.

This Week:

Math-Division   (I just sent home the multiplication tests and the students are to show you and bring back your signature stating you saw it.)
Lang. Arts-Write Narratives,  Spelling Test -Wednesday
Social Studies-Why do we study history?  Colonization
Science-Matter (Mrs. K.)

Nov 2, 2014

Nov. 3-7

Thanks for all the donations and help with our Halloween Party!!  The students had a great time and were all so excited!

-We will have our Teton Reflections night on November 17th at 6:00 p.m.  Please mark you calendars.  

This Week:

Leader in Me:
Put First Things First We've just started learning about Habit 3 in my classroom, and we're having a lot of fun.  We've talked about getting your work done before you can do fun things.  We have drawn "big rocks" in a jar to show ways to put first things first at home and at school. 

Writing:  We will be writing Narratives about
Teton Science School
Math:  Algebra
Science:  Review and Test Earth
Word Work:  Test Friday
Soc. Studies:  Finish Explorers


Oct 28, 2014

Oct 27-31 Happy Halloween

This Week:

Science projects are due on Thursday.  Your child may choose to share a volcano, land form, or poster.  He or she could also write a report on earthquakes, volcanoes, weathering and erosion, or compare and contrast.  I am very flexible.  I am hoping students can share their learning and be creative.

Thursday-Beauty and the Beast (Ellen Eccles)
We will leave school at 12:15 and the play begins at 1:00.  We will return before school is dismissed.
10:40-11:55  Class Halloween Party
12:35-1:00 Halloween Parade
1:00  Dismiss

Oct 19, 2014

OCT 20-24


TUESDAY-  Finish making books, Visual Arts (field trip), Teton Reflections


Writing-Finish Cause & Effect writing
Science-E-Stations, Choose Project & Review for Test (next week)
Word Work-Verbs

Please continue reading 20 + minutes every night- 300 pages are do 1 week from Friday!  

Students may report on reading many ways:  Write a book summary, draw a picture, Oral Report, Compare & Contrast, Thinking Map, or student choice?

Eden-Presenting her book orally with props.

Oct 12, 2014

Thanks for a GREAT time at Teton Science School!


Thanks for your support in sending your child to Teton Science School.  We had a fantastic learning and cooperating experience! We were also able to get to know each others unique personalities and strengthen our relationships.

Thanks again,
Mrs. Farmer

This week:
 We will have no school on Thursday, Friday, and also the following Monday.

Habit-Begin With the End in Mind...

  Monday-Reflections on Teton Science.
  Math-Distributive Property, Multiplication using Partial Products
  Writing-Cause and Effect
  Science-What breaks down the earth?

Oct 7, 2014



Remember that we will be loading the bus tomorrow at 7:00 a.m.  We will plan on leaving at 7:15 a.m.

I will try to load pictures on a Flickr Site and keep it updated while we are there.

Thanks for allowing your child to attend Teton Science School.  We are going to have a wonderful time!

Mrs. Farmer

Sep 28, 2014

SEP Conferences This Week....

This week:
Habit #2-Begin with the End in Mind

Math-  Multiplication-patterns
Vocabulary-Teton Words #2 Vocabulary Test
Science- Earthquakes
Writing- Type Animal Research Reports

Tuesday-  Field Trip to Mrs. K's House-We will be leaving school at 9:00 a.m. and returning at 3:00 p.m.  Please have your child dress accordingly.  We will be learning about erosion and adaptations.

Wednesday-Little Blue Luncheon -Please have your child wear their best dress.
Math-  Multiplication-Powers of 10
Science- Erosion & Weathering
Writing- Type Animal Research Reports
Thursday- 1/2 Day  SEP Conferences

Friday- No School-SEP Conferences


Sep 21, 2014

17 Days-Teton Science

Dear Parents,

I have just went an e-mail to you with the tentative schedule for Teton Science.  As I receive new information I will send it to you.  If you are interested in important text message reminders, please follow this apps instructions.

This week:

Monday-School Carnival 6:00 (The pizza proceeds will go toward Teton Science.
Leader in Me- Paradigms-Begin with the End in Mind
Math- Start Multiplication Unit and RTI Groups
  (What is Multiplication?  Where do you see Multiplication?)
   We will tour places around the campus looking for visual representations of multiplication.
Writing- We will write our animal reports.
Comprehension-Text Structure-Compare and Contrast Black Bears and Grizzly Bears.
Reading-Turn in 300 pages for the month by the 30th.
Science-Earth's Plates & Earthquakes- Inquiry Activity

This week we will have Dr. McDonald teaching a math lesson for 40 minutes.  We will also have  a Science lesson presented from the Science Department.
Next Monday-We will be going out to Mrs. K's house.  We will learn about erosion from a farmer. We will do a conservation project by helping him fill in the erosion that has taken place on the mountain.  We will also learn about adaptations.

Tentative Teton Schedule

Sep 15, 2014

September 15-16

Please remember that pictures are this Tuesday the 16th.

This week:

Math-Finish Place Value Unit-Test on Friday
Writing-Animal Research Reports
Word Work-Teton Vocabulary Words
Reading-Reading of 300 pages are due at the end of this month.

Sep 7, 2014

September 8th-12th

This week:

7-Habits-Be Proactive-Instead of reacting to or worrying about conditions over which they have little or no control, proactive people focus their time and energy on things they can control. The problems, challenges, and opportunities we face fall into two areas--Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence.
Vocabulary/Spelling-We will be learning vocabulary words that we will be using at Teton Science.
Math- Rounding whole numbers.
Science-We will learn and make Pangaea.
Writing-Finish Important Thing About Me writing & text structure
Reading-Great Job Reading!! I have had several book reports turned in and students are doing very well on their summaries. Please continue to monitor your child's reading.

Mrs. Reina showing the layers of the Earth through body movement and music.

Moving from the core to the mantle.
Mrs. Reina teaching the layers of the Earth through music and body movement.

Sep 2, 2014


Username:  janfarmer
Password:  child's lunch number

Let me know if there are any problems!!

Sep 1, 2014

Week of Sept. 2nd - 5th

Leader in Me-We will continue learning about Being Proactive.

Writing - Each student will be writing about themselves this week.  It's an activity to help me and others get to know them while I assess their writing.  (They will be displayed at Parent Teacher Conferences). 

Math- We will continue Place Value, practicing math facts, and number sense.

Science-What is inside the Earth?  Mrs. Reina will be teaching an artistic way to draw the inside of the Earth.  The later part of the week we will be learning about Pangaea.

Social Studies-Longitude and Latitude

Spelling/Vocabulary-We will have our first test on Friday.

Aug 30, 2014

Burying I CAN'T

The Leader in Me paradigm sees that every child is capable, every child is a leader. This paradigm changes everything.

This week we talked about using Proactive Language vs. Reactive Language.  Being Proactive means taking responsibility for your actions, not blaming others, having a positive "can do" attitude, and never giving up.  Then, we talked about being reactive.  Next, we went outside and buried a common reactive word (CAN'T).  Instead of saying I can't, we will say, "I will try, I think I can."

Aug 24, 2014

Second Week of School

Students playing first to 100
Last week we got to know each other, took some assessments, and tried to get everything accomplished to begin a scheduled day.

This Week:

*We will begin rotation classes.  The schedule is on this blog.
*We will begin learning about The Leader in Me.
*We will continue organizing our Homework Binders.  (more organizers)
*Remember to try and bring a snack every month to share with the class.
*Parents remember to write about your child in 500 words or less.  I also need your e-mail if you haven't given me one.  You can send everything to

Aug 16, 2014


I am so excited to start the year!  Mrs. K and I have been planning for the year and it will be a great experience for all of us!  Here are some happenings that you should be aware of for the week:

Monday, August 18, 11:00am - noon. Teacher Open House - 
Wednesday, August 20, 8:30am - 1:00pm. First Day of School! - 
Thursday, August 21, 6:30 - 8:00pm. Back to School Night - 

Please remember to bring a few items on your first day of class to share.  

I can't wait to meet all of you!!

Mrs. Farmer

Jun 28, 2014


I am so excited to take on a new challenge in my career.  I will be teaching 5th grade at Edith Bowen Lab School on the campus of Utah State University.  I am excited to get to know the new students and staff.  I will miss all the students parents and staff at Bridger!!

Jun 15, 2014

What can we do to help children understand what they are asked to read?

Parents-I found this is on Michael Rosen’s Blog and thought it would be useful to help every child become better readers.

So what can we do to help children understand what they are asked to read?

1. Arrange children in pairs or small groups to talk about something they are reading or have read - without intervention from adults.

2.  Take children to a library and encourage them to borrow anything that they want. Keep doing it.

3. Arrange for times when children can look at a book, or books, quietly on their own for a while.

4. Encourage children to collect printed matter so that they can browse it, sort it and re-sort it: e.g. comics, annuals, cheap second hand books, series, magazines etc.

5. If children ever ask you a question about something in a newspaper, on TV, in a book, on the internet, try any of the following: say a) that you're not really sure,  b) how can we find out? c) where can we find out? d) read the 'answer' together, e) discuss what the child or you find. 

6. In picture books, there are many illustrations and parts of the illustrations that are not expressed or described in the words of the book. Get into a conversation with the children about what that person or creature might be thinking or saying. If there's time, you or they can write this down - perhaps as speech bubbles on stickers. 

7. Try to avoid asking closed-ended 'right or wrong' questions about what children are reading. 

8. Try to think up open-ended questions which have different plausible answers which can be discussed: e.g. questions about whether you think things turned out in a scene in ways that were 'fair' or 'unfair'? whether this or that character was likeable or not? why do you think that this or that character did something? Was there anything else they might have done? What would you do? What would you think if that happened to you? 

9. Try to arrange for children to think up plausible story-lines that took place before what they've read or might take place after - i.e. 'prequels' and 'sequels'.

10. Help the children to talk about other books, films, TV programmes which the book they're reading might remind them of…why? how? 

11. Help the children to talk about events in their own life (or in the lives of people they know) which they are reminded of by the book they're reading.

12. Talk about what books or sources help us find things out when we don't understand something - dictionaries, reference books, wikipedia, encyclopaedias…

13. Arrange for some time when they can make up words and their definitions - like a mock-dictionary or nonsense-dictionary. 

14. Arrange for children to be in pairs or groups to read something out loud. Encourage them to direct each other so that they split the passage up into parts and think of ways of making their performance better (more interesting/exciting/funny etc).

15. Play the titles game - thinking up alternative titles for the chapter, poem or book that they've read. Discuss these together.

16. Imagining that someone else is reading the passage/poem/book. What if you weren't you, but you were someone else very different from you - choose that person…would you have the same thoughts about what you've read - or different? How and why? 

17.  Play 'substitution' games: what happens if you tell the 'same' story, but changing one or more of the characters into - e.g. animals? or from animals to humans? or by swapping the sexes of the people? or by changing just one character into e.g. someone you know? Or: what happens if you keep the plot and all the characters and change the time-frame to e.g. the future, the past, the present? What happens if you keep the plot and change the setting to somewhere completely different e.g. to a school, a beach, a shop, a party etc etc?

18. Recommendations: discuss amongst children what might be the best ways of recommending a book or magazine or comic to someone else. What are helpful things for someone to know if a book is good or not? Then, try to say or write to those guidelines. 

19. 'The message': (or messages). Discuss the idea that books, films, TV programmes pass on messages. You can use the example of the 'moral' at the end of an Aesop fable or a Jesus parable. So at the end of a poem or chapter or book, is there a 'message', some different messages, a 'moral', different 'morals'. Discuss what these might be. What would happen if things turned out differently…(different ending or outcome) would the 'moral' be different? 

20. In poems and stories, people and creatures can 'represent' things other than what they are. So, in Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf, we might say, is both a wolf and also 'danger' or 'threat'. So is the danger just that he might eat her, or is he any other kind of 'danger'? This is how 'symbolism' and 'figurative' language works. Or again, Miss Haversham in 'Great Expectations', we might say, is not only the strange old lady that we perceive, but she might also represent Dickens' view of the state of the aristocracy - its state of decay, its backward looking point of view, its potential for viciousness, its ultimate potential for self-destruction??? etc. So, with examples like these (fairy tales are very good as starters for this, but many modern songs are too) what kinds of symbols, representative 'figures' can we see in a book or poem? 

May 23, 2014

Congratulations 5th Graders!

The Leader in Me Red Carpet Awards!!!  Congratulations!

Adam and India

 ISIS-Improved in Reading Award-She should also get best pose award!!

 Jade-Exceptional Leader of 7 Habits, Cooper-Leader in Math Growth Award, Taisha-Leader in Reading Growth Award  Jordan-Leader in Math Award
Tirzah-Exceptional Leader of 7 Habits (not pictured)

May 4, 2014


WOW!! I can't believe how this year has flown by.  Here is our end of year agenda!!

May 20th-Bees Baseball Game-We will leave at 8:15 a.m. and  travel to SLC.  This is an honor day for students who have met their 125 points for:  behavior, attendance, and turning in assignments.  We will return back to school at 2:30. 
May 23rd - Fun Run at Adams Park 10:30 (Remember to practice running the mile)
May 26th - No School-Memorial Day
May 27th-Reading Celebration (Aquatic Center)-We will leave the school at 10:30 and return when school ends.  Please get your reading pages in!!  Don't forget a towel, swimsuit, and sunscreen.
May 28th - Fifth Grade Honor Day-Outside Fun!!
May 30th - Last Day-Dismiss at 12:00


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