Dec 13, 2013

Kylee and Taisha in the Newspaper!!

Why I love Christmas

By: Taisha
Lot’s of people enjoy Christmas because of the big presents and the tasty candy, but I enjoy Christmas because it’s a time of giving and seeing long distance family. I enjoy giving because I know I can help provide for the people who have less. So that is why my sister and I are going to Salt Lake to give a blanket and a can of food to the homeless there.
Another reason I enjoy Christmas is seeing family from far away. This year I am going to Texas to see my mom, I really hope to see my mom because I have not seen her in a year and I miss her a lot and love her.
These are reasons I think Christmas is special. I hope that you all can see past the presents but see why Christmas is really important.

My favorite part of Christmas

By: Kylee
My favorite part about Christmas is when we spend time together as a family. So, I guess you could say one of my favorite parts about Christmas is when we put up the Christmas tree. I especially like when we decorate the tree. My whole family has special ornaments that look like snowflakes.
Each snowflake has a picture of when we were babies. We also build a fort every year when it snows enough. Our fort always turns out great, with plenty of rolling around in the snow along the way! Another thing we’ve done every year since I can remember is every Christmas Eve my whole family each opens one present, and it’s always pajamas.
It’s fun to see what kind of pajamas we get because they’re always different, just like no person looks alike. Spending time together as a family is fun, but I also like giving presents because I love seeing the look on that person’s face when they open their present.
Those are my favorite parts of Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

I like and enjoyed reading your stories. How much does it snow and where do you live. I live in Surry. My class also has a blog called kidblog you can visit our blog anytime.


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