Dec 23, 2014

Dear Parents,
Are you looking for an activity that will allow your child to continue learning and have fun over the winter break? Then check out Greg Tang’s Winter Break Math Challenge! (
During the break, students can go to to complete the activities on the attached game board.
This is an optional activity. Students who can’t participate will not be penalized in any way. Students who complete the challenge can earn a certificate and a chance to win a personalized signed copy of one of Greg Tang’s books.
It is fine for students to get help from you or someone else if they need it. They can also move to harder or easier levels of the games to make them more or less challenging.
After your child completes the activity, just sign their sheet and send it back to school with them after the break.
Navigating the Website:
Here are the steps to follow to get to the activities for this game board. The links to get into the games, books, and Kakooma are found at the top of the webpage. Links within specific games to get to the correct skill level are found along the left hand side of the screen.
1. Read Math Potatoes (Books/Math Potatoes)
2. Kakooma + Live (Kakooma/Play)
3. SatisFraction Compare (Games/SatisFraction/Compare/All)
4. Expresso +-x÷ 4-numbers (Games/Expresso/+-x÷ 4-numbers)
5. Numskill 5-sets Hard (Games/Numskill/5-sets/Hard)
6. Read Math-terpieces (Books/Math-terpieces)
7. SatisFraction Calculate Easy (Games/SatisFraction/Calculate/Easy)
8. Kakooma x Legacy 9-numbers Easy (Kakooma/Legacy/Kx/9-numbers/Easy)


username:  janfarmer
select-  Class  then-  Student
password:  Lunch #

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